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All music written and recorded by Ray Stone at various locations throughout the New River Valley, VA © 2015 EiDETIC MiND


released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


EiDETiC MiND Radford, Virginia

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Track Name: Politicians' Promise
The king of crisis aversion has come
Stack the odds I'll defy
I'm Mr. Million To One

I'll turn your problems upside-down
Results are coming this time around
Put your trust in these hands
You can if I wear the crown

The king of crisis aversion is here
Never mind what I missed
I'm Mr. Man Of The Year

And pay no mind to reasons why
Direct your attention to my flashy shoes suit and tie
I pull the rabbit smoke and mirrors
Catch 'em all by surprise

It's the king of crisis aversion I guess
Cashing in on your trust
Your rusty city 's a mess
Track Name: Chaotic Play
It was the time
As trying boys we crossed the line
And marched against
With no regard for consequence
Our last defense
Fight onset of senescence
The sudden end
Never would be young again

They set a stage for chaotic play
We waited all our lives
The show 's today
Stood in line waited for our time
It would be over soon
We would be older soon we knew

Past and gone
A torch that's since been past along
Here we vow
To take it back again somehow
'Cause now
Catherine 's asking me where have we been
Catherine dear our saint
So full of sin
Take us back
Or I'll pull the pin
Promise that
We'll meet again

Now that we've placed ourselves so far
Now that we've spent the time apart
Still that maple leaf
Is wrapped around my heart
Lets make believe one day
We'll be again my friends
Track Name: 1981
All simplicity 's forgotten me
I was right there in your arms
Have I become too old or too big to hold
The black sheep of this farm
With this hipster generation
Smiling back they mean no harm
Yet I'm inclined to go back rewind
To the calm before the storm
Now speak free honestly
Has this become the norm
Song and dance found dead in America
Watch planet Earth conform
Down to reaching for the dial
Tuning in to monotone
Kindly give the white noise a place to live
Harmony is without a home

Afraid it could happen
It could happen to us all

There's no choice to make tilt back and take
Your poison as prepared
To power wash these thoughts that keep you on
Electrocution chair
As you look to your salvation
Gonna need a ton of prayer
More promises than presence felt
He wasn't even there

They say take these medications and agree cooperate
Your attention span is lifted memories evaporate

I can't toss or turn or reach deep sleep
My sheets become restraints
Those familiar voices they come and go
They can't hear my complaints

And I'm afraid it could happen
It could happen to us all
To us all

Reaching for the sun
These arms weigh a ton
And they're too tired to fight

It's beautiful in my deep space frame of mind
Broadcast the radio frequencies that teach won't ever reach
And that's what makes me so

Afraid it could happen
And it will happen
Happen to us all
Track Name: Ever Since the Fall
Ever since the fall
Daddy has not been the same
Whispering to the walls
Calling to them by name

Ever since the fall
Daddy has not been alright
Wandering through the halls
Aimlessly every night

But look at him
Look who he was
Is he crazy enough
life can be cruel and unkind
his crucified mind

Ever since the fall
Dad 's gone away
Delivered from us all
The threads of memories begin to fray
Track Name: Mr. Agoraphobe
I never left the farm or faced the day
And who has time for that anyway
Shut the doors lock the gate
Forget it
I never leave this farm or face the day
There's no escape from the marketplace
The fear it holds
Fear it takes
I let it

Too bad he felt that he had
To barricade himself in his home

This planet population swine
It's all yours no really I'm fine
Beyond the Karman Line
The outer space is mine
Track Name: The Apathy
Please don't ask of me
To answer your questions honestly
I'm not interested in any of it anymore
No I didn't not hear you knock
Did you hear my deadbolt lock
I'm not interested in any of it anymore

Leave me to drown
In ambient sound
Detach of me
The apathy

Cast your vote they say
As if it made a difference anyway
I'm not interested in any of it anymore
I laugh 'cause it's a must
At leaders who lie they lie to us
I'm not interested in any of it anymore
Television makes decisions for me
I'll be polite die quietly
Just leave me be

Oh what a time to be alive
Track Name: Find the Enemy
Waking up with tragedy
Ten thousand holes in the walls
They tried to gun us down in our sleep
Tried to dispose of us all
Look alive drive fast as the speed of light
We're much too close to stall
If tyranny does rain from the skies tonight
Then you and I must beat the Daylight

Heavy hearts are lifted today
As we eliminate the cause of it all
In a trial by fire pitfall
Eliminate the cause

So I'm told you wouldn't brave the cold

Maybe it was wrong to think
You would not face these fears
You and I got off on the wrong foot
Lets not get hasty here
You break east and circle around them now
I will be waiting here
I'll attack enough to distract
As you hit 'em with the surprise of their lives

Don't run or hide or take cover
Don't pull the blinds
Go find the enemy

We fall

Taking a pass is easy as turn back stop slow to a crawl
To measure the depth takes all thats left
I'm stepping to the edge into the bottomless we fall
Track Name: I Don't Speak in Code
Listen for that signal sound
She said I'll keep my ear to the ground
Attention to I'm clamping down
But I don't speak in code
The message I received alright
Was addressed to me in ink of white
I held lemon juice to candle light
But still I don't speak in code

She said to me
We are losing it

Power down transmissions made no more
An hour later a fit of rage is
Pounding on my door
Instinct says to turn and run
hand to hip God where's my gun
In my defense wait I had none
I don't speak in code

That is all for me
I can take no more
And on that note
Here's your hat and coat
I'll show you to the door
Track Name: Six Badges
Six badges trail me now
Through this midnight rain
My people don't fail me now
We stand too much to gain

My people won't sell me out
For copper coated cheap steel

Once I woke up early morning
The law was on my lawn
The basement tunneled out
Escaped with no trace
The chase was on

Three badges on the run
With tables turned
Mission to reduce to none
It was a kiss from fate underestimate us
That's one hard lesson learned

My people won't sell me out
To copper coated cheap steel
My people out in the crowd
Will drag you out by your heels

Never to be heard
Never to be seen again
Melt the badges down
And cast the rounds
To fire back at them now

My people on the count of three
All lifting with me
Track Name: Wake the Other Me
When hesitation was the enemy
I hit that ramp without a helmet on
I rose to heights too high for me to touch
I tried to help but hurt them twice as much
My hesitation was the end of me
My days of heroism they are done
I spelled disaster that's the fitting word
Allow me now to spell another one

When hesitation was the enemy
I thought for sure that I could jump the sun
Instead I'm dead because I missed the mark
Instead I'm dead because I jumped the gun

When hesitation was the enemy
I hit that ramp with
Determination not enough to clear
Distance from there to here
I'm falling back to Earth a metric ton
Wait for the day my resurrection comes
reincarnation as the second son
You'll all be sorry when it's said and done

Please wake the other me
Won't you just please
Please just wake the other me
Sound the alarm

Mean overlord
Hey send your evildoings my way
I will handle them
Send them my way
I'll dismantle them
Track Name: Who On Earth
Pick up your sword
Little one
Sigh in relief
Your dance with death is done
Now up on your feet
You better run
'Cause your horse is gone
And the path is long

Who on Earth will save us now
We don't know
Who on Earth will save us
Up from the ashes
Cuts bruises scratches
Who on Earth can save us now
Who on Earth will save us now

The death of your king
There's nothing worse
But they forgot one thing
That this was not the first
Time you've been down
Answer the call
Go knock down their walls
And take on them all