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All simplicity 's forgotten me
I was right there in your arms
Have I become too old or too big to hold
The black sheep of this farm
With this hipster generation
Smiling back they mean no harm
Yet I'm inclined to go back rewind
To the calm before the storm
Now speak free honestly
Has this become the norm
Song and dance found dead in America
Watch planet Earth conform
Down to reaching for the dial
Tuning in to monotone
Kindly give the white noise a place to live
Harmony is without a home

Afraid it could happen
It could happen to us all

There's no choice to make tilt back and take
Your poison as prepared
To power wash these thoughts that keep you on
Electrocution chair
As you look to your salvation
Gonna need a ton of prayer
More promises than presence felt
He wasn't even there

They say take these medications and agree cooperate
Your attention span is lifted memories evaporate

I can't toss or turn or reach deep sleep
My sheets become restraints
Those familiar voices they come and go
They can't hear my complaints

And I'm afraid it could happen
It could happen to us all
To us all

Reaching for the sun
These arms weigh a ton
And they're too tired to fight

It's beautiful in my deep space frame of mind
Broadcast the radio frequencies that teach won't ever reach
And that's what makes me so

Afraid it could happen
And it will happen
Happen to us all


from EiDETiC MiND, released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


EiDETiC MiND Radford, Virginia

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